LuCI form tables

Got a few challenges. Need a UCI/JS expert to help...

Problem 1

If I load some tables on one view, and add a few rows to table 3, which is a form.GridSection, and I go to table 2 (which is also a form.GridSection) entry/column, which is a form.DynamicList, to load the new entry from table 3, the data is not there yet until I reload the page.

Must I have different views (pages) which mean the page reloads, so uci.sections(...) can see the fresh data? Or can I get the new data from table 3 without a reload?

Problem 2

I have multiple form.GridSection tables on the same page, and they all have .anonymous = false; - If I want to add an entry to e.g. table 3, the add button on table 1 becomes active.

Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 23.30.41

Is this a bug? Or just a limitation of HTML itself (the forms thing)?

But if I make the other tables .anonymous = true;, the correct form appears when I press add by the relevant table:

Screenshot 2021-09-22 at 23.32.39

wonder whether @jow has any tips here.

Problem 3

luci.model.ipkg exists for lua - but the same is not true for js, correct?