Luci firmware upload very slow (on 18.06 )

Hi all,

Do you have same problem? When I try to upload firmware via Luci, uploading speed is so slow and page cannot be loaded. Only on 18.06.0 and 18.06.1, older versions work well. Tested on Compex WPJ344.

What happened when you used the command line?

with wget downolads image very fast. problem only via Luci

Do you mean to say that Lan access is slower? How do you connect to device, WiFi or Lan?

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So thanks, problem only in LAN network, upload speed max 3mbps. All other connections works fine.

If you are connecting through a LAN cable, try changing the cable because it could be a faulty one or try changing the port if there's more than one port. Normally LAN provides upto 100mbps but it also depends on your router hardware. My router can only handle speeds around 30-40 mbps with transmission and other stuff running on it.

Looks like this problem in AR8327 driver