Luci firewall new option


I'm trying to accomplish a small idea to allow in luci web interface with just one check box to load or not a handmade nft tables custom script.
(a snippet to handle arp flood on x86 home router )
(Uci firewall allows to do that with the include group )
I'm building my own firmware , but basically is stable 23 branch with a few extra options and several luci packages

Basically i want to add a check box an with it, ( regarding the value) "enabled or not" a few other options in firewall to load an already handmade bash script or nft snippet.

sarp = m.section(form.TypedSection , 'defaults', _('ARP-flood protection')); 
  sarp.anonymous = true;
  sarp.addremove = false;

  oo = sarp.option(form.Flag, 'arpflood_static', _('Enable ARP-flood protection'));
  oo.validate = function(section_id, value) {
   uci.set('firewall', section_id, 'arpflood_static', (value != null) ? value : null);

   ### These values belong firewall but **config include** instead of config default
   uci.set('firewall', "include", 'enabled', '1');
   uci.set('firewall', "include", 'type', 'script');
   uci.set('firewall', "include", 'path', '/etc/misc/');
   uci.set('firewall', "include", '1');

Basically the hard point to me is finding a way to write/set/save the settings of the group "include" when the luci check box is enabled which belongs to the group"default" inside the firewall settings.

Of course with these values work well when i set them in uci, but i would like to achieve the same with just one click on the luci Web interface.

uci settings in /etc/config/firewall

root@R0gu3_x86FW:~# cat /etc/config/firewall 

config defaults
	option input 'DROP'
	option output 'DROP'
	option forward 'DROP'
	option flow_offloading '1'
	option flow_offloading_hw '1'
	option arpflood_static '1' # my new custom field

config include
   option enabled  '1'
   option 'type' 'script'
   option  'path' '/etc/misc/');
   option fw4_compatible '1'