Luci Enhancement for "Backup/Flash Firmware" Page

Hoping to get thoughts on an enhancement to the Luci GUI which would make it a little easier to locate the correct firmware for upgrading an existing router.

Talked a little more in depth here:

Basically... One improvement to the Luci GUI would be a luci-app interface that queries the current router hardware model, etc., such as what is done on the hardware selector on the OpenWRT website, and firmware version, and gives the admin a quick dropdown list of available firmware upgrade binaries (stable, snapshot, upgrade vs. full install), which could then be selected to allow the desired (and correct for current hardware) download to local computer which will be used to upload from for the firmware upgrade.

This seems in concept like it would be fairly easy to implement for someone who is more familiar with the Luci app templates and interface nuances, assuming OpenWRT provides an API, or allows for a more targeted https query to the hardware selector table webpage from the Luci firmware upgrade page.

I have not done any Luci programming, but would be interested in contributing time to this, if no one else who is more familiar with the systems and developer contacts involved would be interested in making the necessary modifications to the "Backup/Flash Firmware" Luci module page.

Any thoughts?

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