Luci debugging/logging

I'm having an issue on a master SNAPSHOT build, I can't look at a few of the pages as Luci seems to crash and then I get kicked back to a login screen. The requests time out, as far as I can tell it appears to be something to do with querying the network status or config, as some of the pages I can't look at are

  • Status - Overview
  • Network - Interfaces
  • Network - Wireless
  • Network - Switch
  • Network - Routes

logread shows no errors.

is it possible to increase the level of logging from Luci?

You might look with your browser's debug console (F12) for the traffic/queries so that you see which queries fail / get stuck.

As a larger portion of work is now done in the browser, a larger amount of separate queries is sent to the router.

Did you recently forcibly update libiwinfo by any chance?

i should have mentioned i already tried that and it wasn't very helpful, it is one of the ubus queries which is running 7 different jsonrpc queries:


not that i'm aware of.

yep, might be related. some Postman bodging tells me that it is this that is failing:

    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "id": 7,
    "method": "call",
    "params": [

i'm using @hnyman's scripts to build which do pull down package updates before building, would that have done it?

it's currently on libiwinfo20200105 - 2020-01-05-bf2c1069-1 is that beyond where it should be?

And you have done a normal "make clean" before the build?

Updates to some libraries may get unnoticed by the automatic dependency handling, so it is good practice to do clean builds always.

ah, was lazy. thanks, that sorted it.

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