Luci code that handles failed and success login results to syslog

I am looking to find where in Luci is the code for sending failed / successful login to the syslog.

Kong build does not send these messages, and I want to add them back. A feature maybe should be added to the logging section of Luci to set up the logging of security events from Luci, ssh etc.

daemon.err uhttpd[1812]: luci: accepted login on / for root from
daemon.err uhttpd[1812]: luci: failed login on / for root from

any pointers of the file or where this is handled?


I found the line in the dispatcher.lua.

the issue is not there. The UHTTP log messages are getting to /var/log/messages. With the system log page of Kong Luci, the UHTTP login does not show up. This must have to do with either syslog-ng or the kong build simply set up to not log uhttp. Ideally I want the syslog to an external log server to catch the Luci Logon. This works in regular OpenWrt. Enough for today, play with this more another day.