Luci - Changing wifi config results in timeout

little "problem" here.
I have a R7800, on r14718
Luci is working with nginx

my "problem": when changing wifi settings through Luci and applying the changes, often it results in a timeout (given that the wifi is not up within the limit) and so changes are reverted back.
I ended up modifying by hand the network config file and restarting the service so it's not a real "problem", but probably a longer timeout could allow changes also via Luci interface..
is this something can be changed manually, as an option? i don't think so.. am i wrong?

try extending the XHR/js timeout

given that i don't know how to change this :slight_smile:
the "timeout" i find is not the red banner XHR timeout error, it's a functional message about the fact that modification weren't applied within 30 seconds so they are reverted.
Is it the same?

ok, the network settings were not applied timeout... is there no 'apply unchecked'?

yes, there is. but it's just a workaround in this case, isn't it?

semantics... if it works, whats the difference?

ahahaha i like your way of seeing things :slight_smile:
to me, if this is the solution, the timer for the application of settings is totally useless.
and i could also apply settings from the CLI, (as i did)..
as i said in the opening post, this is not a "real" problem, but something linked to the usability of Luci, there are other ways to apply settings, but is the timeout we have today good in any situation?
was just a suggestion to improve luci :slight_smile:

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it's a good suggestion... and becomes more relevant the more frequently users encounter issues with it...

I never even knew it could be trigger by wifi :persevere:

Why not? In practice it concerns all config changes. Also a wifi config change could accidentally soft-brick a device, and this tries to prevent that.

You are wrong. There is a dedicated config item for that in /etc/config/luci
Current default is 90 seconds (but if you have an old /etc/config/luci, it might be only 30 seconds in your system).

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well, /etc/config/luci is definitely a file that is part of the backup of the system, for sure mine is as old as hell..
damn, you know really everything :smiley:

thanks a lot, i'm gonna try editing it

Edit: i have so old config files that i still have luci and luci-opkg splitted
Is there a way i can update those files if not manually?
I assume i can't cherry pick only come files from /etc/config for my backup..

The current default /etc/config/luci is in the flashed firmware, visible as /rom...


You can simply copy it.

Ps. pretty much all default configs are there.
network and system are the two exceptions that are created on the fly if they are missing.

Looks like @jow prolonged the rollback timeout default to 90 seconds in February, but he did not change the built-in fallback defaults that get applied if there is no config item at all in /etc/config/luci. Those (like you) still get the short 30 seconds as the rollback timeout

I will probably issue a PR to change also those fallback defaults, so that people upgrading with really old systems do get the more practical 90 seconds timeout for rollback. I guess that not everybody regularly re-creates their config or compares it to the current defaults :frowning:

Using ancient config may degrade the user experience, as you have now noticed...

yes, but in this case it wasn't intended :slight_smile:
i mean, if i could cherry pick files in /etc/config for backup, i would have not selected luci. I'll fix my backup manually.
In any case, do you also know if i can disable the default checked checkbox for "keep settings" when upgrading firmware? :slight_smile:

Not really. The backup files are defined, but not "the files to be excluded".


i've just understood that this is true only if i use a clean build.
I build my own image (based on yours) so i have the /files folder with my config files and so on.. :slight_smile:
thanks anyway

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