LuCI Certificate not accepted / rolling back


I tried to follow documentation as per:

After to uHTTPd admin page and point to newly generated cert and private keys and save and apply it tries to apply it but it reaches timeout (30 secs) then rolling back.

Is there a way to execute either remove the timeout or execute this via command line?

Thanks much!


Use the Apply Unchecked option using the pull down menu.


Hi @mbo2o,

Tried that also many still times out and rolls back the changes.

I was actually able to figure out how to do via command line (uci set ...) and was able to make the changes stick (or persistent) and also did several reboots for good measure. Unfortunately LuCI now inaccessible. :frowning_face

see process parameters below:

The only way for me to access LuCI again is to revert the certificate changes back to the old ones.