LuCI bug? channel scan leaves LED status for corresponding radio on

I noticed when trying Status>Channel Analysis that the 2.4 GHz LED began flashing during the scan, but when I navigated away from this section in LuCI, the LED remains active. Does that mean the 2.4 GHz radio is still in scan mode? Running wifi down had no effect on the LED.

What device?

I think I observed this on a Netgear WAX202.

Archer A6 V3 here

cc @Ansuel
Any ideas?

this may be a problem for a specific oem? mtk related?

Not really, I've also occassionally seen it happening on my nbg6817/ ipq8065/ qca9984. It's not always happening, but the LED sometimes stays on after iwinfo radioX scan on a disabled radio (luci not required).

well leds on ipq806x for example are handled by the driver and they are not controlled by gpio so it could be a bug in that... for ath10k it may be fixed but no idea about others... so I have to understand if this is limited to ath10k

WAX202 is a MT, not ath10k.

EDIT: Just to be clear, I also observe the WiFi light coming/staying on this when I perform a scan on the 5.4 GHz band too.

Archer C7v4 1750 have the same issue. After scan it keeps lighting until next reboot

This occurs on my WAX202 manually triggered as well as somewhere in the deep of the morning. Woke to the LED on. Next night happened while I was making a 3 AM snack.

Well these thing are bug for the mtk wifi driver... It seems there is a bug in the code that keep or make the led blink on wifi scan... Should be easy to fix once correctly reported.

The channel scan just call iwinfo scan under the hood, nothing fancy or strange.