Luci bug/cannot login latest snapshot

I cannot log into to luci using the latest snapshot build ramips/mt7621. I see success in logread output but the luci interface is just challening me to log in as root user. Known bug?

# logread -f
Sat Aug 28 15:42:38 2021 : luci: accepted login on /admin for root from

I just installed the latest snapshot build on a new Archer A6 V3 ( file was tplink_archer-a6-v3-squashfs-factory.bin with date of Sat Aug 28 08:22:52 2021.

# opkg list-installed | grep luci
liblucihttp-lua - 2021-06-11-3dc89af4-1
liblucihttp0 - 2021-06-11-3dc89af4-1
luci - git-20.074.84698-ead5e81
luci-app-firewall - git-21.223.26742-406e6c8
luci-app-opkg - git-21.079.58548-3bcbcbf
luci-base - git-21.226.86205-376af36
luci-lib-base - git-20.232.39649-1f6dc29
luci-lib-ip - git-20.250.76529-62505bd
luci-lib-jsonc - git-19.317.29469-8da8f38
luci-lib-nixio - git-20.234.06894-c4a4e43
luci-mod-admin-full - git-19.253.48496-3f93650
luci-mod-network - git-21.223.26751-2393289
luci-mod-status - git-21.223.26748-6142579
luci-mod-system - git-21.230.38677-82035ee
luci-proto-ipv6 - git-21.148.48881-79947af
luci-proto-ppp - git-21.158.38888-88b9d84
luci-theme-bootstrap - git-21.217.49862-be028dc
rpcd-mod-luci - 20210614


Installing luci-ssl and restarting uhttpd fixes it :man_shrugging:

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