Luci brick protection request a change

I fully understand the desire to prevent people from making a change that could take their machine offline.

This protection does create another set of problems to anybody that has used computers without the protection. For instance, if I wish to change the units IP, knowing full well that my browser session is lost. I usually have a ping going to the new IP and when I see it start, I know this has been done and I close the browser and try to login to the new IP: However, the ping has now stopped because Luci has reverted the IP, so I must repeat the whole process and wait for that timeout.

Would it be possible to add a button to be able to apply the changes forcefully, as if we had waited that 30 seconds for the revert to happen? If this makes you uneasy please just add a nag window to ask if this is really what you want.

It was a good idea, BUT it also causes as many issues as it tried to fix. That simple forceful apply button would allow both worlds to coexist an get the job done.


an exact description

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You can always either use uci from the command line or directly edit the config files. Then, once a self-consistent set of config is done, restart networking.

It seems a bit extreme to require the more experienced users to resort to command line edits so that a subset of users are protected.

In all my research on User Interfaces, it is always pointed out that so-called power users should be given ways to get "their" job done more quickly and easily. To accomplish this would simply require the Apply Forcefully button to be added, or even a global check box to set the preference of Forceful Apply.

It is great to have hand holding but it sure slows down the guy who knows what he wants and is careful to check his typing. Plus, as I pointed out it could mess things up even if you entered everything correctly.

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The general user who buys a router isn’t expected to deal with this either. The instructions typically state to just plug it , logon to the web interface, change the admin password, configure their wifi password and settings, and their done. Whatever the oem decided the ip subnet should be set to is what it is.

Like it or not, changing the subnet is not something a general user does.

There’s a couple of projects in progress to modernize luci. Perhaps you may want to get involved with those to fix these issues

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Installing OpenWrt is not something a general user does...


Should be possible to do that? U need just to modify the Luci code? Maybe u can accomplish to get that upstream. Otherwise, u can just maintain a set of patches for Luci.

This has been implemented in LuCI master now.


Wow, THANK YOU very much.

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