LuCI Bootstrap menu alignment: center (21.02) vs left (snapshot)

This is a minor issue, but anyway...

I've just noticed that in the latest snapshot builds (from 2 weeks ago I guess) the LuCI menu (bootstrap theme) is now aligned to the left, while in the past it was aligned with the rest of the user interface (center of the browser window).

Is this intentional or a bug? I use to browse on a large 4K monitor, and having to move the mouse all way to the left to access the menus is not really user friendly.

Either the menu should go back to as it was before (centralized in the browser window and aligned with the rest of the UI), or then the entire UI should move left.

Recent Snapshot builds:

19.07 / 21.02 / Older snapshots:


Wow, that was fast!!! :slight_smile:

I just "hot" replaced /www/luci-static/bootstrap/cascade.css with the fixed file from github and now it is back to normal.

Thank you!

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so in next release it will be fixed? so i do not have to add to the router every router right?

we have to wait for 21.02.1 to be announced...

( but you are correct that the fix commit is after tag... so sed one liner, pulling raw css from git or luci-theme-bootstrap upgrade might be a viable option to fix this minor superficial flaw )

21.02.1 is already tagged and built

i built yesterday

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