Luci bests practices static lease, A, AAAA, PTR, stateless+statefull

Hi, i am new with OpenWTR.
I am a little bit confused and i try to understand when i should use Luci or a configuration file.

to be able to define A and AAAA fields, i found static lease (Network -> DHCP and DNS).
It seems that lease time only work with DHCP and not overwrite (LAN -> DHCP Server -> General Setup -> Lease Time) for DHCPv6.
Is it true or i did something wrong ?

if i set DUID to none, who and how the DUID number is generated ?
if i set the "IPv6-Suffix (hex)", for example, to 8, the generated ipv6 address is not equal to "Custom delegated IPv6-prefix"::8 but something like "Custom delegated IPv6-prefix"::91d.
i must have missed something.

is there a way to define PTR in Luci ?

i am also looking for documentation about "DHCPv6-Mode" (LAN -> DHCP Server -> Ipv6 settings).
if i set to "stateless+statefull", this means "stateless or statefull" or "stateless and statefull" ?

my LAN client seems to receive more than one ipv6 address (2 ou 3 GUA in addition to the local link)

if someone can help a newbie.

I believe that all of your questions are answered here. Let us know if you are not covered by something.

DUID is generated by the client. You need to match that on the server configuration to assign the correct suffix.

Create an A/AAAA record and it will be created automatically.


that's normal.

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thanks for your answers.

if i understand, i must use configuration file instead of Luci GUI ?
the link what you provide is link to configuration file and not Luci GUI.

inside Luci, don't see how to define the PTR in the same time than the A and AAAA field.
for example, how to define "myhostname" as an A and an AAAA and, in the same time, define "ns1" and "ntp1" as the PTR ? so the A and AAAA will have 3 humans readables names.

inside static lease, the field IPv6-Suffix (hex) seems not to be equal to the Interface ID (the 64 bits part) of the ipv6 address. So if i want to have a static ipv6 with a predefined value, static lease is not the place to set static ipv6 address.

i know that it's not directly in connection with OpenWRT, i will appreciate if you have some link to be able to understand why my LAN client receive more than one GUA address and what is the difference between the three of them ?


LuCI is just a nice front-end to avoid having to edit the files; but some specific parameters/configurations are not supposed by LuCI, and you need to edit the files directly.


Use hostnames.

Static leases is right place to set up fixed addresses for both IPv4 and IPv6.
You should try it in practice to clear the confusion.

It should be SLAAC and DHCPv6.

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static lease for ipv6 seems to be tricky. if the DUID fields is empty, he don't car about "IPv6-Suffix (hex)". And "IPv6-Suffix (hex)" should be set without any ":".