Luci attended system upgrade: is it an easy replacement for image builder?

So after a week of bricking routers(only one device is dead dead and needs a EEprom re-program) I think I'm finally at the point I can start building custom images.

I actually managed to create a text file this morning of the UCI commands, so to be sure.
Factory reset the device and SSH into it,
Copy and paste the text file in and see if it works,
All going well then build a custom image with the text file copied into the command list( do I need to add anything else or just;

UCI command blablah
UCI command blah blah


What command list?

Sorry I meant the custom builder first boot custom script.
You then need a UCI default script file.

Does the front-end image builder need something like that? I was told to just copy what the config changes were from the top right of the Luci interface run them in a clean build via SSH if they work then add them to the online custom builder frontend


The other tip was only the easiest way to get the actual UCI code for your settings, but that is still a good tip.

But instead of working full time bricking routers with trial and error you maybe should read some parts of the user guide and developers guide?

Sorry ADHD is a real pita I try to read as much as I can but my underlying knowledge is pretty basic so as soon as I start reading things I don't understand my mind switches off and I get frustrated. Speaking to people works better and i can verify things I don't understand that way.

I've probably watched every vlan video on YouTube and still haven't got any running at home.

I lock myself out of my network on a daily basis I would guess I locked myself out of my managed switch 3 or 4 times just this morning trying to set up 802.11q on it

Switches can be tricky! Sometimes console cable is needed to set up VLAN and DHCP client mode since some configurations gives a catch 22 problem.

Tell me about it!
I have 2 old l2 switches a tplink and a SMC poe they use different terminology on both. I was trying to set up both but now I'm using the Poe as my feed for most of my access points so I'm not touching it and just playing with the tplink in an effort not to lock myself or mainly my partner out of our WiFi as she needs it for work.

All the gear, no idea is pretty much an apt description of me.

Still not sure about the Custom script to run on first boot (optional) requirements of the a.s.u. imagebuilder is it shell based or only a uci parser, could you clarify?

I'm talking about the ASU.aparcar now not the Linux ASU I'm not intelligent enough to get that working.

The TP-link is pretty easy since it changes settings when saving and applying all settings so you can make multiple settings in the same setup.
But Ubiquinti specifically saves and applies management VLAN when you writes the numbers in the box.

And if you activate the VLAN trunk input line to actually have a management VLAN once set you don't have the preset management VLAN in the trunk and if you set management VLAN from VLAN1 directly connected with static IP to the switch you cant activate the trunk VLAN. And you can’t set DHCP client without trunk and management VLAN at correct settings.

So in the end the only way I found to get this working was to try figuring out how the Ubi UCI interface are supposed to work and make these two (DHCP client and management VLAN) settings from console port. The trunk I could setup in GUI and press save and apply and leave it waiting there until the DCHP client and management VLAN was set through console.

Don’t know…

Sorry I'm exploring my next brick I'm 75% sure this TP-Link EC230-G1 is just a rebranded archer c6 so when my new UART cable comes I'm gonna have at it.

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