Luci applications

where can I get luci-app-coovachilli and luci-app-freeradius3

I don't think they exist

but in openwrt buildroot there is

coovachilli app exists, but has been marked as BROKEN (so it is not functional and does not get built).


That is not the official OpenWrt buildroot, but instead the personal source tree of Palatis.

i mean luci-app-coovachilli is on buildroot openwrt. unfortunately openwrt did not develop both files

I tried to make the one on luci-coovachilli openwrt and was successful but I have not tried installing it on the router

Yes, and I answered:

Please author the necessary fixes to enable it working with the current Openwrt and current Coovachilli version, author the Pull Request for getting those fixes into LuCI repo, and you will get it from the OpenWrt there.

Ok thanks hnyman