Luci-app-wireguard - no refresh

I observed that the Wireguard status page doesn't auto refresh with updated stats/traffic. A reload of the page is required.

kmod-wireguard - 5.10.161-1
luci-app-wireguard - git-21.322.66896-8ae208d
luci-proto-wireguard - git-22.327.45657-14403fe
wireguard-tools - 1.0.20210424-3
luci - git-20.074.84698-ead5e81
luci-ssl - git-20.244.36115-e10f954
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Works flawless for me, I assume 'Refreshing' is showing in the upper right corner, not 'Paused'?

kmod-wireguard - 5.10.161-1
luci-app-wireguard - git-23.018.72712-6d712c3
luci-proto-wireguard - git-22.327.45657-14403fe
wireguard-tools - 1.0.20210424-3
luci - git-20.074.84698-ead5e81
luci-ssl - git-20.244.36115-e10f954

Your luci-app-wireguard is an older revision, how did you update to latest release?

Different versions.

Thanks for the update.

I'm now running git-23.018.72712-6d712c3 - still no refresh. The refresh icon is present at the upper-right, but the page is not actually refreshing.

Have you tried different browsers? Clearing cache or running in a private windows. And if you update do you to keep the settings?

This is occurring on mamy devices. Some new. Yes private, incognito, regular, multiple browsers.

I stare, pass traffic in my tunnel, wait 5 minutes, no refresh. Other pages refresh as normal.

Mmmh, would be interesting to let run wg show in a loop every few seconds to see if there's something wrong with Wireguard reporting the data.

wg show is OK. That's how I verify traffic is increasing and there's a latest handshake.

Well, that makes it even more mysterious.

I assume there are no Javascript blocker or ubock origin installed. Although I don't know how the refresh is implemented for the wireguard page.

Nope - that's the main reason I verified with private/incognito tabs.

All the other pages with autorefresh work. I was actually shocked when you said refreshing is working for you, so I just waited til I updated to 22.03.5, assuming it was the old versions. Autorefresh has never worked for me on the WG Status page.

To be clear, you're referencing the Wireguard Status page, correct? -

Since 22.03.5 exhibits the same behavior, I decided to make an updated posting.

I was on holiday when I wrote it and using an Apu2 as a travel router and all traffic went over a WG tunnel.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll set ip up again at home to verify but there is only one wireguard status page I thought :thinking:. I'll let you know.

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I've just checked on my router and the wireguard page is refreshing every 5 seconds. I'm using a snapshot build that was built on 2 May.

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So, I happened to have one available, it was running 22.03.3. After installing git-23.018.72712-6d712c3 - still no autorefresh.

So I upgraded it to today's SNAPSHOT: OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r22784-1645c34d56

And I noticed something different instantly, so I re-verified that I wasn't crazy:

root@OpenWrt:~# opkg install luci-app-wireguard 
Package luci-proto-wireguard (git-23.073.81399-59a6f06) installed in root is up to date.

Notice I tried to install APP and it responded with PROTO. :wink:

  • The screen looks completely different
  • And autorefresh is working

So it appears that this was fixed at some time and will likely appear in version 23.xx.0.

Thanks for looking into it for me!

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