Luci-app-statistics - unable to get mod-ntpd to work

mod-ntpd doesn't show up under the config options in the luci Statistics page, the other default modules work fine.
I've tried adding it to collectd.conf and via UCI but it gets removed from /etc/collectd.conf and doesn't shows up on the config page.
I assume this is because /usr/bin/stat-genconfig doesn't detect it correctly in uci?

Also, I don't think the test plugin features works:

root@apu:~# collectd -C /etc/collectd.conf -t
root@apu:~# collectd -C /etc/collectd.conf -T /usr/lib/collectd/ 
Usage: collectd [OPTIONS]

Available options:
    -C <file>       Configuration file.
                    Default: /etc/collectd.conf
    -t              Test config and exit.
    -T              Test plugin read and exit.

Builtin defaults:
  Config file       /etc/collectd.conf
  PID file          /var/run/
  Plugin directory  /usr/lib/collectd
  Data directory    /var/lib/collectd

collectd 5.8.1.git,

My config:

# cat /etc/collectd.conf
BaseDir "/var/run/collectd"
Include "/etc/collectd/conf.d"
PIDFile "/var/run/"
PluginDir "/usr/lib/collectd"
TypesDB "/usr/share/collectd/types.db"
Interval 30
ReadThreads 2
LoadPlugin memory
LoadPlugin cpu
LoadPlugin load
LoadPlugin rrdtool
<Plugin rrdtool>
        DataDir "/tmp/rrd"
        RRARows 100
        RRASingle true
        RRATimespan 3600
        RRATimespan 86400
        RRATimespan 604800
        RRATimespan 2678400
        RRATimespan 31622400
LoadPlugin interface
<Plugin interface>
        IgnoreSelected false
        Interface eth1
        Interface secnd
        Interface "pppoe-wan"
        Interface vpn
        Interface "6in4-wan6"

# uci show | grep collectd_ntpd

Full uci config -

There is no support for this module in LuCI

@jow Thanks, same goes for collectd-mod-chrony?

Any reason why there is no support for collectd-mod-ntpd in LuCI? Any hard points that make it impossible?

@mnlipp guessing from

you seem to be using collectd-mod-ntpd. Any idea how to get it to work, i.e. collectd creates rrds and LuCI displays graphs like in

Simply configure it using the configuration file as you would on any other system (arch, fedora, Ubuntu). They don't have GUIs for this either.

I assume that's the reason why nobody cared to write a LuCI plugin. Whoever uses this should be able to write a simple configuration file.

Nobody has done it. No interest for it (by those few who have done stats plugins to LuCI). There is not much benefit from the ntpd data in a typical "home router" scenarios, so there has been no wider demand for that.

If you are interested in it and use that collectd plugin so that you have the rrd database from collectd, you should be easily able to define the few needed lines for LuCI stats. The LuCI stats part is just about defining the possible config parameters for collectd and defining the charts based on rrd.

What is your use case?
Based on charts and parameters at , it looks a bit like ntpd based ping.

Ps. I am not sure if the busybox ntpd supports stats ???