Luci-app-statistics rrdtool definition file

I want to change the way some of the information is displayed on the firewall tab of the statistics graph page. I have determined that the file of interest is:


After I made my modifications, I deleted the luci cache files under /tmp, dumped my local browser cache, logged out of luci. Upon revisiting the page, nothing has changed. The same old iptables.js file is loaded. I've even rebooted the router. I don't know where the router is finding the old iptables.js file to serve to the browser.

What am I missing?




That iptables.js sets up the page under Status->Firewall.

I've added the luci-app-statistics module. This module adds a new menu item 'statistics'. It also has a file named iptables.js, found in the directory I noted above.