Luci-App-Statistics RRD Data to FTP Share


I have setup OpenWRT in a Xiaomi Mi 4C router and unfortunately, this router doesn't have USB support. I have installed Luci-App-Statistics module to keep track of the traffic on each eth interface. By default the data is written to /tmp/rrd and this gets cleared when the router is restarted.

I know we can change the directory to a local path if I had the USB support. But since my router doesn't have USB support, is there a way that I can store these files to a FTP share? I have another router which has USB support and I have plugged in a USB drive to it. The Router that I have USB is very old ZTE F660 and it doesn't support OpenWRT

Please Advise

No, you'd need a network filesystem like nfs (or, worse, cifs) - and you are still fighting against race conditions there (is the network already available and the nfs share mounted at the time it is needed <-- when the statistics start coming in). Usually this is a losing position and replacing the hardware with something that provides local storage tends to be easier on your mind.

(well, you could do regular backups via cron, but ftp might not be the best choice for that either)

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Thank you..

hmm I spent hours researching and whether I like it or not, the only reliable and less trouble method is to switch my hardware for something that has USB ..

unfortunately the ones I can find with USB doesn't seem to support OWRT :frowning:

hmm, MT7628AN (580 MHz), 16/64 and 2.4-GHz-only isn't that unique, I would expect quite a few mt7621 alternatives with USB to be within a reasonable price bracket.

there's sshfs in openwrt, never tried it though.

you can consider me a code noob in that front. :confused:

I also have a Xiaomi 4A Gigabit router... but same issue. No USB

doesn't look like rocket science ...

sshfs /mnt/mountpoint