Luci-app-statistics, data not being collected


I have been hunting for some answers to this, and there have been a few issues with this package it seems - but all seem to say that once it installs, it appears to work ... but I admit, not seeing that here :frowning_face:. I have tried two different routers, and am running master, but it seems to not being set up quite right - I think.

I install luci-app-statistics => it installs rrd and collectd, I go through the setup, and everything in LuCI seems right. But when I try to go to the graphs,

There is no RRD data available yet to render graphs.
You need to configure collectd to gather data into .rrd files.

Hmmm. The needed directories don't seem to be there, but I'm not sure that I should just manually create them. I can, just not sure that's right.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!


I tried creating them manually. Didn't help