Luci-app-sqm not using max speed

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I'm using openwrt since a couple of weeks now because I wanted to be able to prioritize my traffic. I've got one Server which is used to host some stuff which my family uses via internet (Plex, owncloud etc.) and the Gaming PCs. Now obviously I want to prioritize every traffic of my gaming PC over the traffic from the server to get the lowest possible delay.

I'm using an TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v1 with openWRT 19.07.2 r10947-65030d81f3 with luci-app-sqm 1.4.0-2. I've got a 200mbit/s down and 20mbit/s up connection.
I followed this tutorial (because I've been told this would be the best solution):
As download speed I get 215.0mbit/s and 20.77mbit/s according to, so following the ~90% rule I input 193536kbit/s down and 19012kbit/s up into the sqm settings.
Problem is, after I did that, I only get 106.4mbit/s down and 18.3mbit/s up. Can someone explain why the download is only half of what I would expect?

Additional question, I still do not understand why I can't let the router reduce priority for traffic from one specific PC/network plug. So if someone can enlighten me here I would be very gratefull!

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SQM is a fairly CPU intensive process and the TL-WR1043ND doesn't have huge amounts of grunt. I suspect the speed you're seeing is due to it not being able to go any faster.

Just ran "top" while doing the speedtest, CPU is at high load when doing the download part, yes, the CPU is under heavy stress.

Ok, so I'm back at what I initially wanted, prioritize the upload from my gaming PCs and leave the download be, because I'm never saturating my download limit.

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