LuCI APP: luci-app-sms-tool (SMS / USSD message handling)

Hi, I created next small LuCI app.

Luci-app-sms-tool is a mini gui for handling messages via sms_tool application/project Works with mPCI-E and USB 3G/LTE modems. Don't work with HiLink/RNDIS modems.

I'm making it available and maybe it'll come in handy.



That's a very useful feature! Thanks for your great work :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Zuzia . No big deal, everyone would write such an application if they needed it :slight_smile: .

Nice, dude!

I used to text from my router to my phone in the old days...

At the time, I just used an email utility built into DD-WRT (sendmail I think it was) and my service providers SMTP server. I'd email and it'd show up on my phone as an MMS. Maybe you could build this into it? I think there may be a sendmail version supporting SSL/TLS (think Hotmail, GMail, etc...) but it's pretty bloated size wise. Just an idea.