Luci-app-https-dns-proxy problem

a router with openwrt firmware is connected to another router with standard tp-link firmware
and when you change the dynamic ip address on the first router that the provider issues
https-dns-proxy stops working until you restart this service,
as I understand it, it is not bound to to the gateway of the first router, and to the gateway issued by the provider,
and when this gateway is changed, the https-dns-proxy service continues to use the old gateway.
How to bind luci-app-https-dns-proxy to the gateway of the first router ?
need to manually set the gateway in luci-app-https-dns-proxy settings
I made a temporary solution for myself to restart the service every 10 minutes by adding this to the task scheduler
*/10 * * * * /etc/init.d/https-dns-proxy restart
but this is not very convenient

You have three threads concerning http-dns-proxy .

Seems like valid answers have been posted to one;

  • this, the original may benefit from trying to hack you ISP dynamic IP renewal time. Looks to me from the above quote your have a workaround. Perhaps reading this will help.

Concerning you ZRam thread.. it appears you don't need it as Out of Memory conditions would be self evident and you are just adding a package that is not necessary.

"You should be able to force a renewal by running: kill -USR1 $(pidof udhcpc) "
The IP address of the wan on the first router can change at any time and updating manually is not an option. I thought at least here on the forum they would help me with normal advice, but apparently it’s not fate :slight_smile:

The problem went into the fog with the new firmware version 22.03.3
Thank you!!! Everything works great!

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