Luci-app-command help

Hi all!
Tryin' to configure luci command module to send at commands to usb modem (start connection, ussd commands, etc.)
I've got no problem using picocom, but it doesn't work in luci.
For example entering:
echo -e -n "at!scact=1\r" >/dev/ttyUSB2 && cat /dev/ttyUSB2
in commands section gives me:

# echo -e -n "at!scact=1r" ">/dev/ttyUSB2" "&&" cat /dev/ttyUSB2
at!scact=1r >/dev/ttyUSB2 && cat /dev/ttyUSB2

As I see, \r is not recognized
May be there is a kind of manual for app-command?
Or mb somebody can tell where I'm wrong?

The way that echo handles \n\r\t and friends is not consistent across shells and implementations.

See, for example, which echoes (pun intended) the recommendation that I follow

use the printf command instead, which is portable and much more reliable

Thank you, but printf works the same way :frowning:

Assuming that it works properly when you're executing this command on the command line via ssh, you could create a text file with that same text inside. Name it something easy and save it in an appropriate place. Add execute permissions and you have a script. Use the luci-app-command just to execute the script.