LuCI app cannot autostart on boot

Hello everyone,

Here I'm using Xiaomi R1CL with MT7628AN chipset. Using LEDE 17.01.4

I have an app called mentohust, which can help me authorize on my CERNET campus network. It has a main program (mentohust) with a LuCI interface. After installing and configuring, I enabled its "autostart on boot" option, and reseted my router.

However, it cannot autostart on boot at all. I have to manually enable it.

So would anyone have solution?

Did you go to System > Startup and see if it's available to enable?

Sure. It shows already enabled. But in vain, still cannot autostart.

You may need to start it in the Local Startup section.

If it does any authentication, it may need to have the network available to do so first before it can do anything else.

You may have to experiment with using the sleep command for maybe 30-60 seconds (or longer) before it runs.

Otherwise, contact the maintainer of the app.

So how to start it in the Local Startup section? I am new to configuring this.

You would need to determine what the exact command line is (and what parameters it uses...if any) to run it.

It would be like running it in SSH at the command line.

But what you said seems that I still have to start it manually.

In PandoraBox, a release of OpenWrt, there's no issues about autostarting.

Commands in Local Startup get run automatically.

If you have a configuration screen in LuCI, you should be able to see how to configure it.

Post a screen shot.

Did "Local Startup" means the section on the bottom of the "Startup" page in LuCI?

(I will give you screenshot tonight. I am not at home this moment)

PandoraBox is a Chinese project and is not an officially supported version of OpenWrt, so it's entirely possible this app is no longer functional in OpenWrt/LEDE 17.01.4.

Maybe... The team of PandoraBox stopped developing a year ago.

If the maintainer of mentohust did not keep up with OpenWrt/LEDE, or it only worked on PandoraBox, that could be the main reason.

So did “Local Startup” means the section on the bottom of the “Startup” page in LuCI?

My R1CL stopped working after 2 days on 17.01.4 build. Currently using trunk build from yesterday, last night, without issues.

Are you also using mentohust? Let me have a try.
It seems that mentohust cannot get MAC address from eth0.2 on boot, then exited.