Luci-app-adblock what by default installing he blocks?

i maked to install these package i want to ask what type of reclames and ads he block by first ,i installed on wr841hpV3

There is an adblock support thread here:

You will find your answer probably there. If you are unsure just ask there.
Basically it depends on device' RAM amount how many lists you can enable.


i have wr841hp v3 i dont know how much ram i have

TL-WR841HP v3 has 64MB RAM.


Please look at the online readme:
supported blocklists (and which one are enabled by default):


thank you verry much :slight_smile:
can you please tell me what options is best protection to enable?

not really, there is no "best" at all - it depends pretty much on your surfing behavior ... :wink:
With a 64MB router you will quickly get memory problems (OOM conditions) while adding more lists.


ok now i will set selected only by defoult becouse of low ram thank you dibdot

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