Luci and uhttpd missing on latest snapshot for Linksys WRT3200ACM (mvebu/cortexa9)

I've been running snapshots and updating when there are new 6.1 kernels. The update today (r25619-bce7b4f8e5 sha256sum: 3dfda3507fdce250ed0feb2ce2591a396ea1a8cdcf229c7bd452cd792c47ab01) was missing luci and uhttpd.

I was able to resolve over SSH following this

opkg update
opkg install luci
opkg install luci-ssl
/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

Interesting, since it's listed in


Snapshots never have luci by default.


Ah I see. I must've been doing the customize packages option before, and this time I did the default one. Thanks!

I admit this is off topic in a thread that is solved but now I just cannot get Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown out of my head.

But when I go to Firmware Selector and picking WRT3200ACM with SNAPSHOT, pulling down the "Installed Packages" I observed the following:

base-files busybox ca-bundle dnsmasq dropbear firewall4 fstools iwinfo kmod-btmrvl kmod-gpio-button-hotplug kmod-mwifiex-sdio kmod-mwlwifi kmod-nft-offload libc libgcc libustream-mbedtls logd luci mtd mwlwifi-firmware-88w8964 netifd nftables odhcp6c odhcpd-ipv6only opkg ppp ppp-mod-pppoe procd procd-seccomp procd-ujail uboot-envtools uci uclient-fetch urandom-seed urngd wpad-basic-mbedtls

So luci is already on list???

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Snapshots don’t have luci period.

Firmware selector is a hybrid thing the creators of firmware selector have to answer for what they have done.

I don’t use firmware selector.

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