Luci and ssh not working - custom image mt7688an

i build an customised image for mediatek 7688an, which includes luci but it is not working if i access it. internet connecting in my pc but luci and ssh cant

could mean anything... "please explain"

do you have serial?

( nb: updated title + custom image mt7688an )

Ya i have connected uart to it. If i use cat /etc/config/network it doesnt show wan interface

How did you “customize” the image? Just add packages? Remove packages? Change source?

Is this the MediaTek source, is it from, or somewhere else?

What is the output of ip link

I just added luci , spi support and board settings

Can’t help you without much more details. See above requests. “Board settings” could be anything.


I just want to know how to add interface wan through serial

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