Luci always overwritting wifi mode (hwmode option) as '11g' for 2.4G and '11a' for 5G in /etc/config/wireless


Issue observed in Luci for wifi configuration,

Luci -> Network -> wifi

Wifi Mode configuration (wireless 'hwmode' option for 2.4G and 5G) applied through Luci not reflecting in UCI configuration.
Changes getting reflected only in Luci, not in /etc/config/wireless.

For example, when mode for 2.4G updated as N in luci, it is reflected only in luci, not in /etc/config/wireless.


It looks like, whenever 'save & apply' changes submitted, 'hwmode' option always overwritten to '11g' for 2.4G and '11a' for 5G.

sample config:

config wifi-device 'wifi0'
option channel '11'
option hwmode '11g'

config wifi-device 'wifi1'
option channel '116'
option hwmode '11n'


Which device? and which OpenWrt version?


Device - QCA based wifi router.

Openwrt version is 15.06.



  • some unknown router "OCA based" with athXk (?) wifi and
  • a deprecated OpenWrt version. (Btw. there is no 15.06 (but there is 15.05))

With those parameters you will not get much help.

There is no hwmode=11n.
There is only 11b, 11g and 11a.
Take a look here:

If you wanna dig deeper than you can also take a look in the following files: