LUCI Admin Interface unreachable

Hi there,

I am really new to openWrt and my EAP613 is the first device I am using with openWrt (23.05.3). Yesterday I started setting up my new network and now the LUCI is not reachable.

In my current Setup I have an opnsense firewall, an aruba instant on 1930 switch and the EAP613 with openWrt.

For testing purpose I let the IP unchanged and created a nat with opnsense and added dhcp support also on the opnsense. I can connect to the Wifi on the AP and reach the FireWall and other devices but not the LUCI backend. I also can not ping the

I did not change this much in the openWrt config but disabled the fire wall rules on the LAN port since the opnsense should handle fw rules. Was this this mistake?
I found this in the dsa mini tutorial:

Keep in mind, that at least one interface should have an address (static or DHCP) in order to connect to the device for administrative purposes. That interface must be associated with a firewall zone (or rules) to accept input.

Is there any chance to get connection to the LUCI or have I reset the AP?

Thank you in advance!

Thank you for the link but I can not use the failsafe mode since I did not flashed the squashfs firmware.

I think I have to reset the AP after work and start from scratch

what did you flash it with then, since there are only sqfs images available ?

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Ah, sorry. My mistake. I have confused it with the snaptshot naming :roll_eyes:

Since the AP has only one reset button I think I have to power it up and then push the reset button?

wait for the blink

Ok, thank you. But wasnt able to hit the right timing. I did a factory reset and the AP is now available