Luci AdBlock Edit Blacklist Limit

I'm running into an issue adding entries to the blacklist VIA Luci. What is the limit to blacklist entries? I can't add a single line past 2,445 or else I get:

"Unable to save changes: No related RPC reply"

Is this intended? Any ideas? Thanks!

OpenWrt 22.03.0 r19685-512e76967f / LuCI branch git-22.259.30692-27f9912

Blacklist consisting of ..?

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Domains for the AdBlock service.

This is a hardcoded limit in LuCI of max. 100 KB form/content size, see for reference.

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So, in the meantime, what would be the workaround? Beyond the sources I have active, I have an additional 3,699 domains I would like to block and right now I'm only able to block 2,445 of them. Thank you for your time.

Just edit the file via CLI, e.g. edit the blacklist with nano and transfer the domains via cut & paste.

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or put them on some web server, where adblock can grab them, like any other adlist.

you can probably fool it to DL it from the router itself, it won't see any differance.

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That would be located at /etc/adblock/adblock.blacklist correct?

Yep, that's correct.

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Thank you.

This way?

The origin of the domains in question are found here:

probably want the raw format.

not sure if the regex will work, it seem to assume

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How would you add that as a source personally if you were tasked with doing so? The direct JSON file edit method seems to get overwritten every time AdBlock is updated. I know you can set the adb_srcarc option to point to your modified adblock.sources.gz but that seems...messy.

No idea, I use pi-holes :wink:

But you can probably find the answer in Adblock support thread

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Thank you. The lowest tech version would just be to edit my blacklist as mentioned by @frollic, comment above it to separate it out and then manually update it once every so often. Should I feel particularly masochistic one day I'll probably go about figuring out how to automate it. Thanks again.

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