LTE5398-M904 - Bricked?

I tried to install (Kernel)

and now I have problem :frowning:
only the first LED is lit, I can log to SSH and nothing else :frowning:
Can anything be done with it?

That's pretty normal for a snapshot image, what were you expecting?

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what now..? Is there anything that can be done about it? :frowning:

Did you read the link provided?

Yes but I'dont know what to do now.. :frowning:
(Zyxel is offline).

Can I try "fw_setenv CheckBypass 0
mtd -r erase Kernel2" ?

You either keep reading and install Luci
-- or --
use firmware-selector to create a new image that will include Luci, copy it to the router over scp and run sysupgrade from the command line.


If you do, there's Installing OpenWRT on the Zyxel LTE5398-M904 - #7 by fyychs

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Ok. I made it :laughing:

that was super easy :man_facepalming:

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