LTE modem (router/USB) support with at least 300/150 dl/ul speed

Okay thank you.

Can I use the 4G LTE adapter mentioned before for WLAN?
The Pi's chip is very slow. I'd like it to config AP mode with a Qualcomm Killer or AX200 chip.

Or are there any other wireless USB dongles that work out of the box in ac mode?


Mini PCIe and m.2 slots may provide both PCIe and USB bus connections. The mentioned adapters are USB only. This works for LTE modems, because they normally use USB. WiFi modules always use PCIe.


I have to admit that I misspoke in my posting. I wrote WLAN and I meant WWAN. I wish to plug the aforementioned USB 4G LTE modem into one of my routers and use it for WWAN, not WLAN.

I presume from your answer that the answer this corrected question is yes?


That's what this thread is about. There are several suggestions further up...

FWIW, most LTE modems are supported and have AT commands. Which is why you won't find a list of them.

EDIT: Except that many of the USB stick modems are configured as routers by default, which hides all the modem interfaces from the host. So it is safest to use a m.2 or miniPCIe module to be sure you have AT commands

Just my 2 cents:

Wonder if LTE CAT9 452 Mbps via USB3 is an acceptable solution (if you happen to have a router having USB3.0 port)

I am referring LTE CAT9 of LG G5 (which could be found ebay should be rather afforable)

The device you are talking about, as far as I can tell, it looks like a phone? Are you suggesting to use a phone?

I will have to look at the WRT3200ACM and determine if it has an USB3 port or not. However, a quick inspection of the Netgear WNDR3700v2 shows me it is not USB3. I presume this device would still work on USB2, just much more slowly?


yep, it is a LG phone which was laying around featuring LTE & USB3.0
I tried & it worked for usb tethering when connected a openwrt router having either usb2.0/usb3.0 port

I bought and tested the Fibocom L860-GL and was able to switch its mode to USB. Then used MBIM but failed to actually have it working in OpenWRT. I may lack the knowledge on how to get the drivers churning or get Modemmanager to work with it.

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