LTE is connected but there is no internet

Hi experts,

I got my LTE connected but there is no internet through my LTE connection.
Anyone gives me a hint?

I am using ZBT WE826 with lede 17.1.05 with MC7455.

Thank you.

Raw IP mode?

You might need to configure address assignment and/or routing as raw IP mode doesn't involve DHCPv4 or DHCPv6

Do you see any changes in the interface IP addresses and/or routing?

Hi Jeff,

I have got internet working with LTE nicely.

But when I have LTE running, 3G is not stable. Then when I tried to turned off LTE, 3G is not stable too.

I am working with the latest version of firmware for MC7455.

Can you give me a hint.

Thank you,

The drivers for the devices can be fickle to downright non-cooperative. If you've got LTE working, I'd carefully preserve your settings somewhere.

Is it that you somehow want to run 3G and 4G at the same time, or to be able to switch between them? On the same provider, I would imagine that the modem negotiates "best rate" with the given APN. So if you've got LTE running and the modem needs to "fall back" to 3G, it should be transparent.

Hi Jeff,

I want to have both 3G and LTE, they can work at the same time using load balancing or work separately when one's signal is stronger than the other.
The problem is that I have to switch off 3G completely for LTE to be working. I need both to be functional.
If 2 coexist, LTE is connected, 3G is connected but not stable, that makes I have no access to internet.

Please give me a hint.
Thank you,

At least as I understand the MC7455, it is a single-radio, single-SIM device. As such, it would only support one connection at a time.

At least from how I understood your question, you can't have both "connected" at the same time. The MC7455's firmware should negotiate with your carrier's infrastructure to provide "the best" connection that your carrier permits for the APN selected. It should work transparently for you, just like a cell phone gets you "the best" connection it can.

While you can restrict the bands or, I believe, modulation techniques, to "prevent" either LTE or 3G, for most users there isn't a compelling reason to do so. The couple of things I can think of are

  • High-gain antennas that are tuned for a single band
  • Preventing association with a local "femto-cell" or the like

The second case is one that I deal with, as the T-Mobile femto-cell in my home uses my ISP for backhaul, and my LTE link is used for backup when Comcast fails. If I lock out the band that the femto-cell uses, the LTE modem will "pre-associate" with a low-band tower, reducing cut-over time. Even so, the cut-over time is in tens of seconds, hardly worth the complexity in config to keep my Sierra Wireless device locked to the low-band tower.