LTE Contract Type(s)

Hey All,
I am interested in getting OpenWRT up and running on a RUT955v with dual carriers, Verizon and ATT. This router will be in my campervan so I won't be using it all the time. Thus a monthly contract doesn't make sense. Ideally I could turn on unlimited data while traveling so I can work from the road and turn it off when I get back home. Please let me know what carriers you are using and with what contract type.


I don't think this venue can help you with that question, it just depends way too much on the general pricing structure in your country and local network coverage of the regions you're planning to pass through, as well as your individual requirements (expected data usage, voice plans, multi-card contracts, usage patterns, …). Personally I'd expect the answer (regional network coverage in particular) to vary significantly between the individual US states already.


Makes sense, I will look into domestic service providers and go from there.

I don't know about your region (and I wouldn't wish to name providers if I did), but in some countries there are "packages" you can purchase. So you keep your subscription as Pay As You Go (e.g. pre-paid), and then you just purchase the package (bundle) when you get to travel. Bundles are often monthly but some might provide weekly too. It might not be unlimited, but saves the hassle of having to upgrade and downgrade a monthly post paid contract.

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