LS1088ARDB techdata sheet

I have been using the LS1088ARDB for a while now and I wanted to update the documentation for this device. How would I go about submitting patches for the techdata sheet?

Also, I have some kernel configuration files that would be very useful for anyone starting to use this device. Where would I submit a patch like that?

You mean this?

Yea, I want to update some of the fields.

You don't need to submit a patch for editing the dataentry.
Just sign up for the wiki, login, then you can edit.

Thank you for the guidance. I just created the device page, and I'm working on including all our notes.

Please, next time read the instructions before editing a dataentry.

I have fixed the dataentry now and I have created a devicpage:

Feel free to add useful information there.
Please make sure to read the instructions for editing the devicepage.