Ls1046 I use openwrt to build the sd card image. But the prompt cannot be started

ERROR: First slot cannot be empty.
ERROR: Parsing DIMM Error
ERROR: DDR init failed.
NOTICE: Incorrect DRAM0 size is defined in platfor_def.h
ERROR: mmap_add_region_check() failed. error -22
ERROR: mmap_add_region_check() failed. error -22
NOTICE: BL2: v1.5(release):reboot-15563-g3bd8f660a4-dirty
NOTICE: BL2: Built : 12:30:20, Jan 21 2021

I chose the sd card of uboot 1046 to boot. And successfully got openwrt-0.78.1-510a9df2-r15563-3bd8f660a4-layerscape-armv8_64b-fsl_ls1046a-rdb-sdboot-squashfs-sdcard.img
With openwrt-0.78.1-510a9df2-r15563-3bd8f660a4-layerscape-armv8_64b-fsl_ls1046a-rdb-initramfs-kernel.bin
I used penwrt-0.78.1-510a9df2-r15563-3bd8f660a4-layerscape-armv8_64b-fsl_ls1046a-rdb-sdboot-squashfs-sdcard.img
Burn into the tf card. But it prompted an error.
Cannot start normally. Ask for help.
My development board is

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