LS1012AFRWY Reset Control Word change

Hi group,

I'm new to Linux and would need help understand the problem I'm experiencing. I'm trying to build the LS1012AFRWY board but need to modify the Reset control word (RCW). When I modify the RCW and rebuild, my change in the RCW file reverts back to its original value. My guess is that the file located in /openwrt/build_dir/target-aarch64_generic_musl/ls-rcw-lsdk-1903/ls1012afrwy/N_SSNP_3305/rcw_1000_default.rcw is overwritten with the file in the GIT branch. But, I do not know where and in which Makefile, I must prevent this operation. Any help appreciated.

Not knowing what you're trying to modify in detail, I'm guessing it is a downloaded source. If so, see

If you only fire up a make without a clean, it shouldn't become overridden ...