Lower signal since moving to OpenWrt

From http://blog.fraggod.net/2017/04/27/wifi-hostapd-configuration-for-80211ac-networks.html

Relation between these for 80MHz channels is the following one:

vht_oper_centr_freq_seg0_idx = channel + 6

Where "channel" can only be picked from the following list (see hw_features_common.c in hostapd sources):

36 44 52 60 100 108 116 124 132 140 149 157 184 192

And vht_oper_centr_freq_seg0_idx can only be one of:

42 58 106 122 138 155

Furthermore, picking anything but 36/42 and 149/155 is probably restricted by DFS and/or driver, and if you have any other 5G APs around, can also be restricted by conflicts with these, as detected/reported by hostapd on start.

This may be specific to US / North America, but even getting a functional 80 MHz channel can be challenging, especially if you're anywhere near "civilization" (meaning radar of any sort, including remote weather and navigational radar systems).

Edit: based on the linked chart, it looks like 149 can be a 20-, 40-, or 80-MHz channel, 157 could be only a 20- or 40-MHz channel, and 161 could only be a 20-MHz channel.

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