Low USB3.0 speed on WRT32X

Hi, THe OpenWRT community. May be someone has got idea regarding my issue. Installed OpenWRT, took 3.5 HDD and mounted it to router. Ensured that both hdd and enclosure work fine, as well as router itself (partially). Samba write speed via cable was only 2 mb/s (usb 3.0), while FTP reached 6 mb. I thought that it is wrong config fault and dedicated few days to investigating. Today, I decided to swap ports and connected my HDD to usb 2.0 and (magic) speed dramatically increased to 25-30 mb/s both write and read. Now I have came to conclusion that either my USB3.0 is faulty or there is problem on OpenWRT firmware for WRT32X. Does anybody have the same issue? Thank you in advance!
Router model : Linksys WRT32X

I have a WRT3200ACM which is essentially the same thing running a rather old version version of Master-branch and it utilizes USB3 as expected. There has however been reports of others using the 64-bit Marvell platform seeing similar speeds but I'm not sure about the actual cause. If you want, I can take a look what version it's running but it's probably about a year old or so.

Actually, yesterday i found out the culprit. It was either faulty flash (which was overlay) or the fact that router can't treat 2 usb flow simultaneously. Ordered new usb flash, will check.

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