Low Entropy on TP-Link WR841N

I have a very specific Problem with OpenWrt on a TP-Link WR841N :
We use them as AP's and our network consists mostly of WR841N v8 and v10.
While v8 is working fine so far, v10 isn't.
A very usual report I get from logread (on v10) is:
"deauthification due to local deauth request"
So while I googled many forums in the Internet, many suggested that this happens due to low entropy (the AP cant create enough keys due to lack of sufficient "good" random number .
So I compared the entropy on v8 and v10, which lead to my problem:
While on v8 the entropy average was around 2500, the entropy average on v10 was just around 1300. So though have "haveged" (for improving quality of entropy ) installed,
the entropy differs strongly.
Any proposals for improving the entropy (or haveged) on v10 ?
(and sorry for my bad english)

It looks like you've confirmed that you have low entropy.

There might be some ideas worth considering at https://calomel.org/entropy_random_number_generators.html which discusses using the wireless device to generate additional random data.

Thank you for the quick answer

Wpad or whatever should be using /dev/urandom imho


Discusses in detail

Thank you for your help. I installed rng-tools and the entropy is now at ~3000 .
logread reports "[...] due to local deauth request " much less.
Is this a problem yet (that it still reports "[...] due to local deauth request " ) ?

Those messages do not necessarily indicate a problem, sometimes there are good reasons to deauthenticate clients. Have you noticed that clients lose the connection, or a lack of performance?

Yes, this was the reason why I searched for smth like this