Low EMF router

Hi, I'm completely new to OpenWRT.
My kid is hypersensitive to emf and I'd like to swap my router to low emf one.
There are ones that can be bought but they are quite expensive (about 200 euros) " JRS Low EMF Router" - Those are basically asus routers with custom firmware that reduces wifi frequency when router is idle and reducing wifi power while using it.

Do you know if there are any packages that are available for openwrt to archieve the same results?


You cannot "reduce wifi frequency" unless they are just referring to beacon interval. Openwrt can set the beacon interval just in the Wifi properties.

The power level can also be set in the wifi properties, so basically any supported router can do these things.

I would recommend finding an "old style" non-switching power supply as the cheap switching power supplies can generally cause more EMF than the wifi router itself.

Just use the LED settings to disable the blinking lights and tell your kid that the wifi is off. There is probably more EMF created by your TV than by your average Wifi router.


I'll look into these settings.

Any supported router can have its power level set in the wifi properties, so that's a good starting point. And I agree with the suggestion about finding an "old style" non-switching power supply, as those tend to produce less EMF.