Low-cost, 802.11ac mesh router runs on OpenWrt


$75 each isn’t terribly “low-cost” as long as one can still pick up Linksys EA6350v3 for less than that.

What is your question?


It's a ZBT WE1326. This is a well known model that has an official build and can be bought for considerably less on direct from China sites.


Newifi 3 from Lenovo might be a good option. These are currently 15 USD each on Chinese e-commerce websites.
Or at 18 USD you can get a brand new IPQ4019 router from a Chinese brand called “Jindouyun”, supported by X-WRT, an OpenWrt variant. 4x 1GbE, 512 MB RAM and 4x 5dbi antenna.

But from my experience with 4x EA6350v3 and 2x AC58U, IPQ runs much hotter than the MT7621 (65 degree C compared to 30 degree C), has a much larger memory footprint (LuCI on AC58U crashes from time to time despite the 128MB RAM). Not to mention the problematic switch configuration.

Which hardware do you use for the FreeMesh nodes?

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