Love the LEDE community

I'm really enjoying LEDE and the associated community! Thanks everyone for making this a great place! Special shout out to @hnyman and @stangri!


I can totally support this -- kudos to @hnyman, everything I've done is largely thanks to his guidance and tips/hints from other expert devs.

OpenWRT is (i.e. was) a great community, but providing 3.x kernels was not very serious with respect to the community. IMHO, the LEDE-PROJECT is the only suitable platform for serious development and limit the risk of penetration by foreign government. European governments, large administrations, large companies and people interested in security should endorse the LEDE PROJECT and support it.

Great thanks to those who made it possible.

Take my +1 as well. Very friendly and helpful community! And kind to newbs as well.

... just want to say i really, really love this project =)

I loved OpenWRT and i enjoy the fresh momentum in LEDE project.

Just now successfully builded and installed my own (minimalistic) sysupgrade-image and everything
works nearly immediately perfect (DIR-615).
The build preparation and process is already very straight and clear.

Thank you very much community developers, for your outstanding work!
We love you :slight_smile: