Lost usb external files

Basically after openwrt 19.07 upgrade from 18.04 I lost my USB external HDD drive partition files.

I've updated, only that settings have not been saved, I've uploaded the configuration backup that just created before updating. Nothing, so decided to start configure again done in the following order: adblock, transmission, configured extroot/overlay, rebooted. So I woke up with 2 folders: torrents and download, both of which are attributed to transmission. The rest of the folders are gone. Installed samba4 version to see my shares, but nothing to see anymore.

Any idea how can I rescue my files? The files are there as my free space shows

Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda3               871.8G    482.2G    343.0G  58% /overlay
overlayfs:/overlay      871.8G    482.2G    343.0G  58% /

The tree under /overlay/upper is the files on the disk which overlay the main file system. For example if you create a directory /srv, you can look for the raw files in /overlay/upper/srv.

If you have an additional partition on the drive you would need to mount it separately.


You should have skipped the partitioning and mkfs steps:
Caveats on sysupgrading snapshot after moving to extroot?

it's there, but exactly the same "'empty" partition which shows in the screenshot 58% usage having only two empty directories.

I've skipped it. No new partition has been created, or overiden.