Lost package in 19 repository

I'm using OpenWrt 19 x86 and I noticed that some packages where not found in particular minidlna.
After the opkg update
With opkg list | grep minidlna
It comes out and I noticed some spaces in the name like "minidlna - ×××" so how to install using opkg?

Are you saying that running opkg list displayed minidlna?

If so, then it's installed...

But the commands to install would be:

opkg update
opkg install minidlna


My fault!
I have forgotten I had already installed minidlna, some days ago, from 18 repository since it was not findable so the result of
opkg update && opkg list | grep minidlna
would find the installed one.
opkg update && opkg list
show all packages installed and not.

However in 19.07 x86 legacy repository minidlna isn't listed...

If you want to see the installed packages you should use opkg list-installed
minidlna is here.

Ok but
opkg update && opkg list
List all available pkgs and should include those installed and not present in repository

...mine is here... x86 legacy.

There might be something wrong in distfeeds.
What is the output of: cat /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf
Did you configure the system from scratch or upgraded an older 18.06/17.01 version and kept settings?

No, I think it's here:



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