Lost my OpenWrt PW

Installed on my Netgear 7800 router 2 years ago...set up and worked with it for a few months, but everything on my network was working great and I haven't logged in for over a year. Somehow I forgot where I recorded my PW. How can I recover it or get back in. I need to do a few things but I'm locked out.

There is no way to recover your password, but you can reset it using failsafe mode

OK, thx...not great news but I can deal with it.

To be clear, you can reset your password (without having to reset the entire router) using failsafe mode... obviously you can also reset the entire device, too.


Procrastinated! Got to the "failsafe" link and " Wait for a flashing LED and press a button." However looking at the r7800 manual, I wasn't sure how to do this. Just trying stuff usually gets me into trouble. As others mentioned, I just want to reset my Openwrt password...not the whole installation. The 7800 has a recessed "reset" button, but I think that one resets the whole device.

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