Lost all mikrotik liceses

hi, unfortunately my hard drive where i had kept all my mikrotik licenses broke. all my mikrotik have openwrt. now my concern is in case something goes wrong during an update do i need licenses or can i do it without them? I want to clarify that I will never go back to router OS but in the case of a brick?

Did you try asking Microtik?

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no, how i can do that. i'm not sure if i can say that all my devices have openwrt

There's nothing illegal about putting whatever software you want on your own hardware that you own.... (as far as I know, I'm not a lawyer)

The technical answer is no, the OEM OS license is not needed to: run, boot, initially flash or sysupgrade OpenWrt.


i know that but i'm warry if someting go wrong with an update openwrt or a custom snapshot. in that case do i need to go back to router os? or can i recover the devise in another way?

On my RB433AH, I've only needed the bootloader (RouterBoot). RouterOS is completely wiped from the chip at the point I boot OpenWrt...so I'm lost at your concern.

Also, there's free and trial license levels, so I surmise you could use RouterOS if needed anyways.

What device do you have; and why are you under the impression that you need RouterOS to recover from a bad flash (i.e. does the Wiki say so)?

i have two basebox 2 and two LHG 5
that's what i'm asking here, if i dont need router os to recover the devices, i don't care about the licences

For some products (I think that covers all Rouerboards) you can get the license file by registering and providing the serial number. I got it that way for the RB2011.

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