Lost all access to LuCI (EX6150v2)

I've been trying to get an OpenWrt device (EX6150v2) working as a range extender. I've been having a bunch of problems, but those are for other threads.

Anyway, one of the suggestions to get internet access working was to change the LAN IP address to a different subnet, so I changed the IP from to However, when trying to apply the change, it got stuck on the 'reverting change' screen, so I refreshed the page.

Now I cannot get back in. I've tried both IP addresses to no avail. The connection just times out trying to load the page. Please reply with any help.

Try forcing your computer to request a fresh DHCP lease.

The range extender usually lies within the same subnet as the main router.
What is the main router IP address and mask?
What IP/mask does your PC have?
Which guide did you follow?

Fixed. I was magically able to log in the next day. If this happens to you, try renewing your DHCP lease like the above reply suggests (it happens automatically every 12 hours) or, in the worst case scenario, reset your device.

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