Lost access to OpenWrt router after changing DHCP interface

Hello, I'm using A1004ns of iptime.
And I installed openwrt kernel and had sysupdate.

To use this router as AP,
I changed the DHCP configuration like below,
wan port : off? or disabled
lan br : DHCP client

After that,
I lost to access to

How can I find again?
the openwrt installed router have connected to other main router.
the router gave the address as, but no access.

wan port, lan port of openwrt router with lan port of main router was tested
please help me

Connect it lan to lan, check on the main router which IP it gets assigned.

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I did, but inaccessible with that IP

if you used a snapshot image, there's no webUI (but based on your description, you had it), did you try ssh ?

This means the router doesn't have an address anymore, unless it is connected to another DHCP server.

The fastest way to recover is likely failsafe mode -- you can reset your router or just fix the faulty configuration.

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